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With over 25 years of experience in the dietary supplement and natural foods industry, Viral Therapeutic Technologies Association (VTTA) was founded with one vision in mind - To help others in their quest for optimal health - by filling the one void in the health food industry, in which, until recently, there was no answer in sight. Imagine, if you will, the "greatest nutriceutical discovery of our time" which can nutritionally support the body's natural ability to aid the immune system in it's efforts for reaching optimal viral immunity.*

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Activated Humic Acid™


In this day and age of “certain” business practices, “originality” can be a mere afterthought. The list of “me-too” companies with “copy-cat” products go on and on. The timing of getting “Hot” products to the marketplace as soon as possible can sometimes be met at the expense of quality and purity. You can bet that Viracillin™ knock-offs will be of no exception. But don’t be fooled !!! Humus, peat, and lignite (some of the sources of Humic Acid) are all forms of decayed, organic matter. These deposits can be loaded with harmful microbial agents (e.g. bacteria,parasites, viruses...). But Viracillin™ uses the only raw material that is uniquely prepared safe for human consumption. This special extraction and autoclaving process (The Keragenex™ Extraction Process) produces the absolute Highest Quality, the absolute Purest ( tested 99% pure) and the Most Active form of Humic Acid available. That, along with it’s extensive clinical data, is what makes Viracillin™ the preferred choice amongst Humic Acid consumers.



Patent No.: US 6,576,229 B2

Influenza Viruses Based Thereon

Patent No.: US 6,524,566 B2

Herpes Viruses Based Thereon

Patent No.: US 6,534,049 B2

Human Immunodeficiency Viruses Based Thereon

Patent No.: US 6,524,567 B2

Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses Based Thereon

Viral Therapeutic Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality supplements, appropriate to each individual's specific health needs and lifestyle. When you enter one of our locations, you are assisted by a knowledgable and caring professional who is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. We have one primary focus-your family's health and well-being.

We've built our company around the philosophy that everybody deserves quality natural health products at affordable prices. We strive to offer you the easiest, safest and most affordable shopping experience on the internet.

  • Influenza Viruses Based Thereon
  • Herpes Viruses Based Thereon
  • Human Immunodeficiency Viruses Based Thereon
  • Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses Based Thereon